Because an expert job is worthy of compensation

With DL MoneyPark, you benefit from a range of services that cover all aspects of buying and owning real estate :

For our clients, we at DL MoneyPark make sure not only to supply you with the best mortgage rates but also to give you ample advice regarding retirement and other future planning, particularly in terms of taxation. This will guarantee the best long-term financial strategy. Our expertise covers the three fields necessary in obtaining a favourable and effective mortgage: bank, insurance, and taxation.

Our fees depend on the type of services provided to help you obtain efficient financing.

New acquisition

  • 1st consultation is free with no commitment
  • Financing analysis : CHF 275 per hour, excluding tax, for complicated files or CHF 900, excluding tax, for a standard file and one property

Primary and secondary residences


Investment properties


Mortgage renewal

  • No fees, DL MoneyPark is compensated by financial institutions

Advice & optimisation

  • 1st consultation is free with no commitment
  • Advice : CHF 275 per hour, excluding tax