Off-plan acquisition

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Author : Kristen

Off-plan acquisition

If you have decided to acquire your real estate property off-plan, you should take a few precautions. We are going to show you the factors that you should pay special attention to and how off-plan acquisition differs from a direct purchase.

Nowadays, more and more properties are up for sale before their construction has even started. This approach is called selling off plan.

Selling off-plan allows developers and financial institutions to insure construction financing, because a part or even all of the properties for sale have found buyers before construction begins.

This sort of acquisition could occur in two distinct ways: either through a forward sale or the sale of a share in the property.

We are going to shed light on the key principles of these two methods for the canton of Vaud, and discuss various forms of bank financing with regard to construction and consolidation (completion of works).


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